About Easties

Easties is a great fast food takeaway, located at 14B Bridge St, Kilbirnie KA25 7BL. It provides great takeaway food, which is also great value for money. From freshly baked Italian Pizzas to tasty Mega Meat Calzones and flame grilled Burgers, there is plenty to choose from.

Our varied menu covers a diverse range of stuffed crust pizzas, ranging from veggie-packed slices to fresh, deliciously-fired American pizzas topped with our signature tomato sauce and lots of grated cheese. You can enjoy a taste from the comfort of your own home by ordering delivery or takeout via our website or App. All online orders will be rewarded with an exclusive 10% discount.

We only use the finest local ingredients to prepare hearty meals daily. The entire kebab section proves that our talented chef takes grilling seriously, from sizzling Doner Kebabs to Bbq Chicken Kebabs, it's all incredible!

Our gourmet Burgers are always a winner. After shopping at the Tesco Superstore in Kilbirnie, you can't leave without your burger fix. Enjoy the super stacked beef patties or Peri Peri Chicken burgers with all the lavish toppings, plus some finger-licking smokey mayo, all huddled together in a warm brioche bun. You can also expect double cheeseburgers and so much more.

Our shop has proudly joined Mealzo, which offers a £3 voucher! You can order from the same shop to get the same taste but at a better price on the Mealzo App.

Please feel free to call us at 01505 684000 and order over the phone.

For great offers and more information, follow us on social media.

Thanks for your order. Looking forward to serving you again.



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